My name is Patrick Multhaup. I am a Northern California based developer.
I enjoy building things for the web.

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About Me

I am currently a freelance web developer specializing in websites for small businesses. I graduated from Chico State with a degree in economics. This gives me a perspective as a web developer that has been useful in working with business owners.

I put my first page on the web in 2001, hogging the only house phone line with a 56k modem. I have been doing it professionally now for about three years.

What I do

Computers are becoming a minority device for browsing the web, being replaced by smartphones and tablets. I design my work with responsive elements so it can be seen at it's best from a desktop, smartphone, or tablet device at any aspect ratio.

I can help modernize your existing website by using Bootstrap, Wordpress or other tools. Or I can build you something new. Most importantly I will set you up with the tools you need to update your page with your companies latest news, projects or products so you will never have to feel like your web page is out of date with your business.

Based on what you need

If you are interested in extending your companies services to your customers online I may be able to create a custom web app for you that will be a perfect fit to your companies existing workflow. Or depending on the needs of your project, if it's more economical, I might instead refer you to an existing web service you could use. If it is close we can discuss the pros and cons of both options.

If you have questions of any kind please contact me through my email address below.